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A great all around camper with the ability to camp in places most RV’s could never go.

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At Road Trip Oregon we have an expert mechanic who looks after our fleet to make sure our rental vehicles are as reliable as possible.
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We will also service your VW Eurovan or Vanagon.

This was the perfect rental experience for us -

the van was outfitted with everything we could have needed for a week on the road, plus stuff we probably wouldn't have even thought of.
- Chris

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Over the past 15 years Chris Emerick has worked as a photographer/videographer, traveling to all corners of the globe in various types of vehicles from RV’s to camper vans. Lanning Blanks has 30 years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industry and has owned and operated the Portland’s White House for 20 years. The two got together for a road trip, camping around the island of Oahu in a 1982 VW Westfalia van. They were amazed at how convenient and comfortable the van was to travel in and decided to bring the idea of the camper van rental back to the Northwest as an alternative to the big, gas guzzling RV.

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  • Wintertime waterfall hikes in the Columbia River Gorge are good for the soul.  Get out and explore! 📷 @cemerickphoto •
#oregon #waterfalls #columbiarivergorge #hikesoforegon #traveloregon #hiking #exploreoutdoors #cascadiaexplored #getoutside
  • Yesterday was a really good day for waterfall hunting in the gorge! •
#columbiarivergorge #traveloregon #waterfall #optoutside🌲 #cascademountains #canyons #roadtriporegon #exploreoregon #thegorge #oregon #hikersofinstagram
  • The Olympic peninsula is a magical place to explore. The western side of this Pacific Northwest rainforest receives an average of 140 inches of rain a year. 📷 @cemerickphoto
  • The Dalles has a fair share of mural art to check out but this one is hands down my favorite.  This piece is huge stretching over 300ft and covering several walls on the @valleygorge Hub building.  A big shout out to @blainefontana and crew for beautifying the Dalles. Grab an IPA from @seditionbrewingco across the street and take in the fine detail.
  • Looking to get out in the mountains this winter for a ski vacation and some super cozy camping?  This 4 season camper has everything you need and more to get you where you need to go and keep you warm.  Check out the website for great deals on rentals in December. 📷 @cemerickphoto •
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  • As the days get shorter you just get more time to spend around the campfire, playing cards and sleeping longer in a warm, cozy campervan. 📷  @alexlammb
  • Repost from @audreyjoyross latest family road trip
My goal with @kidshikeoregon is to do whatever I can to encourage parents to get outside exploring Oregon with their kids. Over the Thanksgiving week we rented a EuroVan from @roadtrip_oregon and drove up the coast hiking & exploring. It was amazing! What stood out was how easy having this van made it. So, I wanted to share that with you because it may be a resource your family wants to use for a family trip full of Oregon adventures!😉 I’ll also be sharing all our hikes in future #kidshikeoregon posts!👍🏼
We picked up our van in Portland. It was easy. Everything was explained to us and the van was already packed with everything we needed for cooking, sleeping, and living on the road. We transferred our luggage over and took off. There is seating for 4 in the van which was perfect for us. We ate our meals in the van (or on the trail) which is so much easier with little kids. A table can be set up and the front seats swivel around. We saved major money on meals and ate healthy home cooked food the entire way.
As you probably know, lots of amazing Oregon hikes start at a trail head located down a narrow windy road. I loved that we didn’t have to worry about lugging a trailer up narrow roads. This compact EuroVan did great and was small enough to park anywhere. Getting around was easy!
At night we camped at State Parks for about $30 a night. They all had restrooms and most had showers as well. The top popped up into a bed and the back seat laid down into a bed. We all slept great...cozy and warm even in late November.
In the morning we made coffee and oatmeal and then packed things up and headed out on our next adventure. We saved so much time. No finding a motel,checking into a motel, finding a restaurant, waiting for our food, you get the idea. It felt fast, efficient  and we had everything we needed. Our kids loved it too. It was like their very own miniature house.😉
If you’re interested in taking a similar trip, head over to @kidshikeoregon to read some additional tips.
  • Winter is finally here and there is snow in the mountains. I really enjoyed my first day of the year on skis with friends. Hopefully the weather stays cold and the storm cycles continue!
  • Reposted from @mattaleong on a road trip this fall
Love this place just as much as it loves you 🌲🚌
You deserve to see this life. This place, this earth, our home is so beautiful. The waterfalls, the mountains, all these little moments are so much more worth chasing after than anything else. That feeling you feel, the one that makes you feel wander, wouldn’t you want to feel that for the rest of your life. And don’t be afraid to do the same with you. You deserve to see yourself in the light that you were made in. Your smile, your words, your passions are so much more worth chasing after than anything else. That feeling you feel, the one that makes you happy, those little moments of self love and self worth, wouldn’t you want to feel that for the rest of your life. You deserve to, because you and your heart are so beautiful. Take the time to notice it. All the little things, just like how we all do. Because, you are worth that and more 💚
  • Late fall road trips = empty backroads. Blue sky trout day on the deschutes river.
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