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A great 4 season camper with the ability to travel to places most RV’s could never go.

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VW repair

Want peace of mind before your next road trip?

At Road Trip Oregon we have an expert mechanic who looks after our fleet to make sure our rental vehicles are as reliable as possible.
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We will also service your VW Eurovan or Vanagon.

This was the perfect rental experience for us -

the van was outfitted with everything we could have needed for a week on the road, plus stuff we probably wouldn't have even thought of.
- Chris

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Over the past 15 years Chris Emerick has worked as a photographer/videographer, traveling to all corners of the globe in various types of vehicles from RV’s to camper vans. Lanning Blanks has 30 years of experience in the hotel and hospitality industry and has owned and operated the Portland’s White House for 20 years. The two got together for a road trip, camping around the island of Oahu in a 1982 VW Westfalia van. They were amazed at how convenient and comfortable the van was to travel in and decided to bring the idea of the camper van rental back to the Northwest as an alternative to the big, gas guzzling RV.

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  • Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest 
Repost of @josh_hydeman repelling into Big Creek
  • Waterfall Wednesday!  There is lots of water in the Columbia Gorge, put on your muck boots and go explore. 📷 @cemerickphoto •
#roadtriporegon #hikingadventures #columbiarivergorge #waterfallwednesday #pdxphotographer #kgw #hoodriveroregon #getoutside #oregon #waterfall #pnwonderland #hikeoregon #portlandoregon
  • Wintertime and waterfalls in the PNW.  Bring your boot spikes if you want to walk in and see this one, the trail can be a sheet of ice.
  • Repost by @mattaleong from his road trip this fall
One of my favorite places on earth ☀️
I want to say that God is good. That life is good. That I have been given so many opportunities, so many memories, so many relationships to never feel like I’m never enough again. That finally doing some self reflection has helped me with my anxiety and my view on my own self worth. And it’s the truth, a person like me who writes all these feelings and thoughts still struggles with some of his own every day. But never forget to count your blessings. To re watch the videos you recorded during your best moments, to remember the little coffee dates, motivational podcasts, work outs and creases in her cheeks when she smiles at you. Never forget how blessed you are. And never forget how beautiful this life can be if you just remembered all the good things. Don’t ever give up 🌊
Sharing more of our Oregon trip Tara and I had the pleasure to do because of our friends from @roadtrip_oregon. Can’t wait! Blessed to work with an amazing group 💙
  • Epic capture in the three sisters wilderness area by @javan.ward ・・・
Feeling grateful for the year I experienced in 2019. I fulfilled so many of my intentions to create a life full of travel, wellness, and getting control of my schedule. I am proud of what I was able to accomplish and the places I was able to go. I know the risks I took and am continuing to take on have all been worth while. 
My 2020 intentions:
🔥 travel more than I did last year 🔥 work as a full-time freelance travel photographer 🔥 publish a photo journal
🔥 collaborate with brands that support environmental conservation 🔥 accept the risk and uncomfortable moments that come my way and thrive on them
🔥 learn a new skill and language 🔥 create community around the world 
My bucket list item for the year: 🌞 see the total solar eclipse in Argentina
#pocket_world #ig_landscape  #dream_spots #visual_heaven #landscapephoto #landscape_lover #natgeoadventure #earthexperience #mthrworld #majestic_earth  #igworldglobal #ilovenature #ig_divineshots #EarthOfficial  #earth_shotz #marvelshots #theworldshotz #discoverglobe #landscapelover #landscapehunter  #igbest_shotz #natgeoyourshot  #natgeotravelpic #epic_captures #awesomeglobe #splendid_earth #earth_portraits #natureperfection #beautyofnature #places_wow
  • I can’t think of a better way to spend Xmas eve then ski touring with a friend up on Mt. Hood. 📷 @mhansonphoto
  • The track is fast and the views are pretty amazing up at #teacupnordic.
  • Mt hood sunrise
  • Usually this time of year we are sliding on snow in the mountains. However with the recent rains the rivers in the PNW are on the rise.  Dan Gavere trades his snowboard for a SUP and makes it look easy on the snow melt of the White Salmon River. 📷 @cemerickphoto •
#fanaticsup #whitesalmonriver #whitewatersup #pnw #washingtonstate #riversup #whitewater #winterwonderland #wintersolstice
  • Standing at the Rowena Crest viewpoint looking east you will see an impressively built section of the Columbia Gorge scenic Highway.  Stretching for 75 miles from Troutdale to The Dalles, the scenic highway was built between 1913 and 1922 and is now listed as a National Historic Landmark. 📷 @cemerickphoto
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