Stand up paddling in Oregon

Stand up paddling in Oregon can range from paddling around serene lakes and ponds to chasing coastal swell, riding waves, and river running.  With a quick and easy learning curve, a person of nearly any age can get up on a SUP board and start paddling.  In this way, stand-up paddle boarding really does appeal to every age and skill level.  Perhaps, this is the very reason why stand-up paddle boarding has become so popular throughout the Pacific Northwest. With a plethora of waterways to explore, individuals can take their pick, and in one day, any stand-up paddler could coast down the Columbia Gorge River and later enjoy an ocean paddle or lake excursion. What makes both the sport and the region so dynamic is perhaps the sheer amount of choices and opportunities for enjoyment.

For individuals looking to capitalize on the many paddling options throughout the region, Manzanita Beach and Pacific City are great wave riding spots that enjoy a close proximity to parking. Many cities offer paddleboard rentals as well, including the Gorge Surf Shop in Portland, Big Winds and Cascade Kiteboarding in Hood River. River and lake paddle boarding options are plentiful, it would prove to be nearly impossible to describe the full scope of choices; however, Tillamook Bay, Rogue River Estuaries, and Lost Lake are all great finds.  In fact, many larger bodies of water boast perfect paddle-able inlets and small rivers that provide for the perfect dose of exploration while paddling.